Family mediation

How can family mediation help you ?

Before, during or after separation:

When couples separate, there are many practical and emotional issues to resolve. It is a time when nerves are fraught, tempers flare and communication often breaks down. Family Mediation offers a safe and neutral environment where parents can talk through and work out all of the complex and difficult issues which separating parents face. The mediator helps the parties to explore all possible options and come to mutually agreeable solutions.

Family mediation can provide an alternative to what are often lengthy, stressful and costly court proceedings. It permits parents to reach their own decisions regarding their future lives and those of their children.

Family mediation can also be helpful to separated parents encountering new difficulties as children grow up and life situations change.

For couples experiencing relationship difficulties:

Family mediation can help clarify the issues, explore different options, and facilitate decision-making. It is also the opportunity for couples to learn new ways of communicating.

Who We Are:

Espace Famille Médiation is an establishment of the Foundation Olga Spitzer. Since its creation in 1923, the Foundation has been involved to support young people experiencing difficulties in their family and in their environment. 20 social, medico-social and support services and establishments to parenthood take actions to prevent and protect children from the risks and dangers to which they are exposed.

Espace Famille Médiation has existed since 1999.

How much does family mediation cost ?

Our fees are based on a sliding scale established by the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales. Each person contributes to the cost of the mediation according to his/her revenues with a substantial part generally covered by state financing.

How does family mediation work ?

In a completely confidential environment, disputing parties are brought together in the presence of a family mediator. The mediator helps them to get beyond threats and recriminations to focus on the real concerns and issues at stake. By lessening tensions and removing an adversarial atmosphere, parties can begin to imagine new and different options and finally tailor-make decisions that suit their interests best.

Mediation sessions last 1 1/2 hours and generally take place at two-week intervals.

Written agreements can be drawn up and approved by the courts if desired.

To permit you to decide if mediation could be effective in dealing with your situation, a preliminary interview is offered free of charge.

To set up an appointment with a family mediator, contact our Paris center from Monday to Friday 9:30 am - 6:00 pm at: or by mail.